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9 & 10 March, 2019 at Eastern School of Acupuncture & Traditional Medicine
Room 530, 440 Franklin St, Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA

This intensive training included tuition and workshops, learn from the best Disciple of Late Master Tung-Dr. Palden Carson, MD (President of the W.T.A.A)

Remember: Tung’s Acupuncture is always simple, easy, and effective. So let genuine expert to show you the right way.
All US L. Ac. are welcome.

Hon., Sponsor: Lhasa OMS (
Tel: 781-1-340-1072   Ext:119

董氏針灸學速成臨床班 (N.Y./N.J., USA)
New York, T.O.A. Basic Diploma Training Course

The Official Tung’s Acupuncture Textbook (1973-2018) In five languages

(This is a special weekends course in March)
Instructor: Dr.Palden Carson MD, D Sports Med (UK), DPH, MBAcA.
Organizer: World Tung’s Acupuncture Association (W.T.A.A.)
106 Main Street, Unionville, Ontario L3R 2E9 Canada
Tel: +1 905-947-4548
Email: [email protected]

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If you wish to pay by Cheque, please mail it to WTAA
106 Main Street, Unionville, Ontario L3R 2E9 Canada

Registration Fees:

Course Registration Price: $400 for MD, $375 for L.Ac, $300 for Student

Special Rate: $350 (Please register before January 18, 2019)

Who can apply?
Only for MDs, Acu. Practitioners (L.Ac.) and Acup. Students (ESATM)
#First come first serve applied

Saturday – Sunday
(9:00 am – 6:00 pm daily)Coordinator: Kam Lee, AP
Tel: 904-215-6111
* May Credit 15 CPU points with NCCAOM