2016 Training Courses

The following scheduled training Courses of Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture (T.O.A.) are genuine and based on our late Master Tung’s teaching. Please note that nowadays there are so many imitation courses conducted by a lot of self-appointed un-qualified Tung’s Acupuncture practitioners especially in Asia (P.R.C.) and EU. Please use your common sense also check where are these “teachers’ knowledge” coming from before booking into any Tung’s Acupuncture training courses.

1) Toronto Basic Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture Diploma Course 

Date: (Part A) 21-22 February & (Part B) 21-22 March, Venue: 106 Main Street, Unionville ’Ontario L3R 2E9 Canada

Course Fee: US $1,100 for US & international students, or Can $1,200 for local students. Any US student may obtain 36 PDA/CEUs for training.

All students must submit application  & course fee prior the course Late application may not be accept by the administration Dept. of the W.T.A.A.

2) Sydney Intermediate Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture Certificate Course

Date: 19/20* March ( two full days) *Clinical OPD practice on 19th March(6-8pm)

Venue: Sydney University Village,the Stage Conferencing Centre, Newtown, Australia

Course Fee: AU $980 only( Early Bird  before 17 Feb. pay $880); Non WTAA member pay AU $1,100

Lisbon seminar
Dr. Carson with his Portuguese students in Lisbon(Basic Course 2015)

3)  Lisbon Intermediate Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture  Course (Portugal)

Date: 18/19 June (9am-6pm daily)     Venue: Altis Park Hotel,  Lisbon, Portugal

workshop in Lisbon
Dr. Carson at the workshop, Altis Park Hotel(Basic course 2015)

Course Fee:  400 Euros, early bird 350 Euros before May 1, 2016
Course Coordinator: Ms, Alexandra Martins) at email: for course enrollment/registration)
*You may also make your inquiry to our official email ,

This 2nd course conducts by Dr. P. Carson, MD with Portuguese and

English (Interpreters:Vanessa & Pedro)

4) Sydney Basic Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture Course (Australia)

Date;10/11 September, 2016   Link this flyer

Venue: Sydney University Village, the Stage Conferencing Centre, Newtown ,NSW Auatralia

Course Fee: AU $980.00( Early Bird AU$ 880.00 before 10th June,2016)

Local Coordinator:  Stephen Anderson email:

May also email to our official

5) London Basic Tung’s Orthodox Acupunture Traning Course (UK)
Date: 15-16-17-18 July, 2016, four days intensive training course.
Venue: Best Western Swiss Cottage Hotel, Swiss Cottage, London

Course Fee:  £950or  €1300 ( Early Bird  10% less fee before 19 May, 2016)
All students must submit application and course fee prior to the course

* This course is open to Acupuncture Practitioners , TCM Practitioners & Medical Doctors. Enrollment:send to

6 )Toronto New Basic Tung’s Orthodox Acupuncture Diploma Course
Date:  28-29-30-31 October, 2016, four days intensive training course in Canada.
Venue: 106 Main St., Unionville,Ontario, L3R2E9 Canada
Course Fee: $1300 or US$1100( for US students)
Please Note: Course Registration/Enrollment  before 1st August,2016 Early Bird rate pay Can. 1150, US students pay US $1000.

There are more  training practical courses in EU & North America will coming soon!